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30 June 2020

Meeting your Shadow Self

Real emotional work that makes you face your shadow and release stagnant, limiting energy, which greatly contribute to your ailments usually comes with major resistance.

That resistance often appears in a guise of fear, self sabotage and trying to get you out of your body and into your head.

So many of us have been taught to look at our feelings as something foreign, that needs to be totally controlled or denied.

In this webinar Inna Segal, bestselling author of The Secret Language of Your Body, will share how it’s only when we consciously, with courage, compassion and gentle kindness meet, feel and understand our own disowned shadow aspects that we can learn from them, befriend them and help them grow and transform.

For example - if we can see our own hardness, have compassion for these parts of ourselves that were formed from rejection, fear, neglect, guilt, shame and pride - explore and receive a gift of deeper understanding from our shadows, then great healing can occur - both for ourselves, our children, other family members, past and present intimate partner(s) and friends.
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